About us

Agile Consortium International

Many organizations are working on Agile implementations and struggling with problems but also identify opportunities. They search for a network to share and to learn, thus reaping the benefits of Agile faster by taking charge of their own learning cycle.

The predecessor of the Agile Consortium (the DSDM Consortium) provided a platform for developing knowledge and shared learning since the mid-90s. Now that Agile software development dominates the market, the need for such a platform is here again.

The Agile Consortium International (ACI) has set itself the objective to fulfill the role of knowledge platform for organizations, professionals within those organizations and any other entities that have a need for such a network. In addition, the ACI signals the rise of a multitude of Agile networks that innovate and share apart from the other networks. The ACI wishes to be the unifying factor between these organizations to maximize sharing, learning and innovation in a global evolving Agile Domain.

Where the local chapters of the Agile Consortium, as present in the Netherlands and Belgium, focus on bringing people together at a national level, ACI focusses on the international connections between Agile initiatives. The existing links with the DSDM Consortia for example in England and Sweden.

To achieve these ambitions actions will be taken in establishing these international linkages as recently informally already have been taken towards new initiatives in England and Switzerland. In the short term however, our focus will be at building bridges towards Eastern Europe where Agile is vividly expressing itself in the market.