Presentations of the KATALICT event

On February 4th, 2014, Sirris & Agoria together with the Agile Consortium Belgium, organised a first KATALICT seminar on Agile Software methodologies.
Using the Pecha Kucha presentation method, six experts shared their insights and tips & tricks on Agile Development.

Here is an overview of the Pecha Kucha presentations:

“Value Driven Planning” – Carl Danneels (Value Management Advisor @ Plethon Consulting)
Business Value as main driver for Agile projects

“10 tips for Agile Development” – Johan Lybaert (Director Applic. Division @ Cegeka)
Ten Powerfull Tips after 10 years of Agile Development

“Kanban WatHoeWaarom” – Nick Oostvogels (Agile Coach & ProjectManager @ SkyCoach)
All you ever wanted to know about Kanban… in a nutshell

“Better Project Mgmt through Agile” – Jef Cumps (Agile trainer & coach @ iLean)
No project management in Agile Development? Think again!

Dimensional Planning” – Koen Van Exem (Business Manager @ Inxin)
Adding a new dimension to planning which increases project throughput.

“Lean problems, my dear ?” – Stijn Van den Enden (CTO @ ACA IT-Solutions)
Determine upfront what you want to learn. Measure it. Build it.

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