Leadership Game

The “How Agile are you?” game for professionals and managers

Organization games are fun to do and this game helps managers to see where they are on their improvement journey.
Society is constantly changing. Organizations are also changing. Although changes are of all times, it is obvious that changes come faster and faster. Opportunities and developments come even more unexpected. This asks for leadership which can handle this dynamics. We need good healthy companies that are Agile in responding. To make this transformation, leaders have to give the right example.
The “How Agile are you?” game gives insight in mindset and right shifting, inspired by the Marshall model. The Marshall model considers mindset and effectiveness in transformation from an ad-hoc or bureaucratic organization towards a more agile organization.
The game initiates and facilitates discussions about what’s happening and what needs to be done. During the game attendees discuss about which leaderships behaviors, may or may not be effective.. Attendees discover the nature of the challenge. The agile mindset and adequate leadership are continuously in top of mind.
The game is already used in several organizations, by example de SVB, Belastingdienst and ING.

Some quotes from attending leaders:

“Verschillen en aandachtspunten worden met dit spel heel duidelijk”
“Een erg leuke manier om met elkaar in gesprek te gaan over wat er nodig is in agile leiderschap.”
“Iedereen heeft de ruimte om mee te doen en tegelijkertijd houden we focus op het onderwerp”